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Center Of Excellence

Mission Statement

“To be a Premier Centre of Excellence of choice, for the training and playing of the next younger generation of player.

This program was specifically designed for young players by Gordon Hill with more than 30 years of coaching and playing experience.

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Program Details

  • The Centre of Excellence program is all about developing the next generation of Young Player.

  • This Program is all about teaching the young player the 3 basic elements Control, Pass, And Move.

  • Technical skills and drills to master the game.

  • The US is rapidly adopting the small-sided Game as their preferred standard of coaching methodology for players of all ages.

  • High demand for a Centre of excellence will create a unique opportunity for this ‘the next generation player


Age and Duration

  • All young players strive and love to play. No pressure, just fun.

  • Taking players to another level.

  • Reaching new Horizons.

  • Ages for the Programs, U8s to U16s.

  • Small group size. 10 players.



  • COE is offered in Pullallup & Bonny Lake


If a player has the desire to improve, they can only benefit from attending Gordon Hill’s Center of Excellence. Gordon is simply the best developer of fundamental soccer skills that I have ever had the pleasure to witness working in soccer. He reached the peaks of international and club soccer based on his ability and character. If you’re willing to work hard to improve, he will prepare you to reach your potential.

-Gwynne Williams, former MLS coach

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