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First of all, thank you for your interest in the United Sports UK Youth Soccer Tour. This page will explain in detail elements of the trip to look forward to.

I am proud that there have been many successful years of these tours which helped to further the footballing education of the players who came over as well as furthering their cultural education too, giving them the opportunity to explore some scenic and historic parts of England.

I have spent my entire career between England and the United States and in my recent years have spent most of my time dedicated to the improvement and development of young, North American soccer players. I believe an important part of that is providing the opportunity to introduce some of them to the game I grew up with, in order to give them the best possible introduction into the professional game.

There are many individual components that make up a tour, each of them custom and interchangeable to give the most productive trip. I hope you will enjoy seeing a little of my home country

There is no better place to begin than the ‘Theatre of Dreams’, home of Manchester United...

When I first laid eyes on Old Trafford as a visiting player for Millwall I could not believe the size and character of the arena. When I signed for Manchester United in the November of 1975, I could barely wait to get out there and play on the same pitch as some of the most celebrated names in the history of the game. Over the years the stadium has undergone a huge transformation yet the character and identity remains; Old Trafford is nicknamed “the Theatre of Dreams” due to the wonderful football that it has become accustomed to hosting and the arena itself has as much history as the playing surface. The stadium includes statues of decorated figures of the past as well as poignant tributes and memorials to those who perished in the tragic Munich Air Disaster of 1958. During the Museum Tour, you will learn about the colorful and wonderful past of an arena that has housed English Football’s most successful club. The Museum tour gives the opportunity to explore the history of the stadium and club, with special access to areas of the stadium such as the dressing room, press room and dug outs. Even on non-match days, the atmosphere around the club is electric and unique - there’s no place like it in world football. Our Manchester United experience has included trips to Carrington and also the Cliff training ground. The Cliff has seen some of the great names in football, Best, Charlton, Law, Robson, Cantona, Giggs and little old me, before they relocated their first team training to Carrington. We will negotiate the availability of the opportunity to see these places on an ‘as and when’ basis.

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Mottram Hill

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Old Trafford

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Carrington Training Ground

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